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The role and effectiveness of cupping therapy (Hijama) in the management of Pain due to migraine.

Corresponding Author: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amin Baig
Founder & Chairman Board of Directors: Scientific Awareness, Descriptive, Research & Invention (SADRI) Foundation , International Alternative Medical Council (IAMC) Pakistan, Head of Department Regimental Therapies: Government Recognized Institute of Unani Medicine (Ajmal Tibbia College Rawalpindi) Pakistan, Regional Director Pakistan Executive Board Consultant KIU South Korea ,Chief Executive Pakistan International Holistic Medical society(IHMS) and American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA) Inc.USA. Director General for Pakistan International Council for Electro homeopathy www.icehom.org

Second Author: Prof. Dr. Wayne Bottiger Founder President of KEISIE International University South Korea

Third Author: Prof.Dr. Sir Malik A.Kaiyoom Awan (PhD.USA)

Fourth Author: Prof.Dr. Debasish Kundu (PhD.USA)

Fifth Author: Dr.Syed Muzzammil Masaud (Pharm-D, M.phil)


Background: Migraine is common headache disorder and can lead to disability. Mostly analgesics are being prescribed having numerous side effects. Wet Cupping is the part of Regimental therapy as a treatment mode of Migraine disease in Unani system of Medicine. The aim of the study is to analyze the effectiveness of Wet cupping (HIJAMA) among Pakistani patients suffering from Migraine. Materials and methods: 250 patients were selected in a randomized 18 months’ clinical study from august 2013 to February 2015 at SADRI Health Services Islamabad Pakistan. Age: 20 to 80years having no previous history of brain injury. 3 to 7 sessions of wet cupping were done on alternate days. The effectiveness of therapy was observed by using Visual analogue score and PSQI sleep quality score. Data were analyzed by paired t test and ANOVA. Results: Out of 250 patients 60% (150) were female and 40%(100) were male. Average duration of Migraine was 4.6years.58%(147) patients were having Pain score more than 5. While after treatment there was significant decline in pain score i.e. 14.8%(37 patients). Moreover, the quality of sleep has also been improved from 56% to 13% as indicated by PSQI Score.
Conclusion: After end of therapy it was concluded that Wet cupping has shown improved efficacy in the management of Migraine.

Notes on Spagyrics
By Dr.Debasish Kundu
US $ 21.50 Paperback , Publishers: Originals, Delhi

In this book author briefly discusses the principles of Alchemy with some exceptional notes on Sexual and Spiritual Alchemy.
CONTENTS: Note to the Readers, Foreword, Preface, Introduction, History of Alchemy, Spagyrics, Principles of Spagyrics, The Quest for the Quintessence, Plant Alchemy, Energetic Spagyrics, The Three Philosophical Principles, Spagyric Electro-Homoeopathy, Energy in the Organism, Herbal Medicine, Spiritual Alchemy, Sexual Alchemy, Spagyric Meditation, Hermetic Philosophy, Fermentation and Distillation of Wine Spirit, Spagyric Experiments, Explanation of Some Spagyrics Terms, Bibliography

Materia Medica and Practice of Medicine in Electro-Homoeopathy
By Dr.Debasish Kundu
US $ 21.50 Paperback , Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Foreword, Preface, Electrohomoeopathy-An Introduction, Life History of Count Cesare Mattei, Preparation of Electro Homoeopathic Remedies, Electrohomoeopathy Formulas, Constitution and Temperament, Materia Medica of Electrohomoeopathy Medicines, Examination of the Patient, General Rules for Using the Medicines, Practice of Medicine, Points for External Application, Chief Points and their Uses, Clinical Index, Bibliography

Treatise on Spagyric Homoeopathic Pharmacy
By Dr.Debasish Kundu , & Dr. Vijay Kant Agnihotri, Sr. Scientist, CSIR, Foreworded By Prof.Raffaele Pezzani , University of Padova, Italy
US $ 21.50 Paperback , Publishers: Originals, Delhi

It features all necessary information about the method of preparations and formulations of Zimpel, Krauss and Bernus. It is the only book which has incorporated Spagyrics formulas of Zimpel brought back from the lost fragments of time.
According to Prof. Pezzani, it is definitely a valuable guide, a friend that every Electrohomeopathy (according to Mattei) practitioner should possess. It is a must have collection for everyone.
CONTENTS: Dedication, Foreword, Preface, Spagyric Homeopathy Pharmacy, Electrohomoeopathy Formulas, Spagyrics after Zimpel, Krauss and Bernus, Medicinal Plants, Tables of Essential Oil Yielding Plants, Bibliography

Materia Medica for the New Age Man
By Dr.Debasish Kundu, Dr A.Jayasuriya, Chancellor, The Open International University ,Colombo and Edited by Dr. M Ahmed, Member, Bangladesh Homeopathy Board, Dhaka.
US $ 24.50 Hardbound , Publishers: Originals, Delhi

This is the only book which covered all therapeutic schools of Homeopathy, from Gemmotherapy, Lithotherapy, Bach flower to Spagyric Homeopathy.
CONTENTS: Foreword to the Second Edition, Introduction, Introduction to Homeopathy, Evolution of Disease, Introduction to Vital Force, Miasms, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Case Taking, Doctrine of Dosage, Therapeutic Schools of Homeotherapeutics at a Glance, Nosodes and Sarcodes, Materia Medica, Clinical Index of Homeopathic Remedies, Mother Tinctures (External Use), Do’s and Don’ts for Patients, Clinical Tips for Dummies, General Index of Remedies, References

Treatise on Electro-Homoeopathic Pharmacy
By Dr.Debasish Kundu & Dr.Ajit Singh, Foreworded By Prof. Fabio R Ambrosi, Chairman, Mattei Archieves, Italy
US $ 15.50 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Foreword, Preface, Introduction to Electro Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Laboratory Equipments Used in Electro Homoeopathy Pharmacy, Vehicles used in Electrohomoeopathy, Sources of Electro Homoeopthic Medicines, Collection of Medicinal Plants, Cohobation: An Extraordinary Pharmacy, Methods of Preparation of Spagyric Medicines, Quality Control Procedures, Pharmacodynamics of Electrohomoeopathy Essences, Dosages and Mode of Administration, List of Medicinal Plants Used in Electrohomoeopathic Remedies, Appendix 1: Terminology, Appendix 2: Prescription Writing, Appendix 3: Biographies, Appendix 4: Apparatus, Bibliography

Essentials of Acupuncture
By Dr. Debasish Kundu & Prof. Choo Led Sin , Chairman, International Federation of Acupuncture, Singapore
US $ 40 Hardbound, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

The Only Book which deals with Acupuncture Anaesthesia
CONTENTS: Preface, Introduction, History of Acupuncture, Philosophy of Acupuncture, Five Elements Theory, Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Evaluation and Diagnosis,
The Concept of Qi, Management & Research on Some Disorders, How Acupuncture Works, Acupuncture Anesthesia, Laser Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Atlas of Acupuncture Points, Therapeutics of Common Ailments, Therapeutics of Common Ailments, Infertility, Impotence and Acupuncture, Acupuncture in Hairfall, Does Acupuncture Hurts, Related Therapies, Explanation of Some Terms, Marmapuncture, Bibliography

Cesare Mattei’s Principles of Electro Homeopathy
Interpreted & Revised By Dr. Debasish Kundu
US $ 21.50 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

The classic text has been Rewritten in simple language with much needed Interpretation & Revision. In some places the original French edition has been consulted, also enriched with footnotes wherever necessary.
CONTENTS: Preface by Editor, What is Electro-Homeopathy?, Names of the Electro-Homeopathic Remedies, General Information about the Electro-Homeopathic Remedies, Sphere of Action of the Remedies in Globules, General Remarks on the Electric Liquids, Their Mode of Application, Results of Experience, Doses and Method of Administration of the Remedies in Globules, Of Diagnosis, Principles and Rules for the Selection of the Appropriate Remedy, Easy Experiments for Beginners, Catalogue of Diseases Cured by Electro-Homeopathy, Appendix

Essentials of Trace Elements & Biochemic Medicine
By Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu, Edited By Prof. Seyed Farzin Hassanzadeh Salehian Ph.D. ( Iran)
US $ 19.00 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

Cell Salts or Bioplasgens have always been considered an important part of healing in Homeopathy and Spagyrics. This book contains all essential materials concerning Trace Elements & Bioplasgen and their relationship with Spagyrics, Clinical Materia Medica with useful suggestions.
CONTENTS : Preface, Introduction to Trace Elements & Bioplasgens, The Functions of The Cell, Astrology and Bioplasgens, Minerals, Trace Elements , Materia Medica of the Bioplasgens, Bio-combinations, Bibliography

A Textbook on Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
By Dr. Debasish Kundu Editor Dr. Malik A.K. Awan Ph.D. (London), Associate Editor
Prof. Seyed Farzin Hassanzadeh Salehian Ph.D.(Iran)
US $ 20.00 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Preface, Relationship between Food, Nutrition & Health, History of Nutrition,
Functions of Food, Digestion of Food, Food and Nutrition, Nutrition, Diet & Development,
Nutrition & Diet Therapy, Nutrition for Infants, Children, Adults, Women and Elderly,
Ideal Diet Plan, The Food Pyramid, Therapeutic Diet, Bibliography

Notes on MJT (Forensic Medicine & Toxicology)
By Dr. Debasish Kundu Ph.D. Assisted By Dr. Ravi Justin Raj NMD, LLB Edited By
Dr. Malik A.K. Awan B.S., M.S. (Psychology), D.C.L., D.D. (U.S.A.), Ph.D. (London)
US $ 22.00 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Part I: Forensic Medicine: Dedication , Preface , Introduction, Scope of Forensic Medicine, Aspects of Identification, Medico-legal Aspects of Death, Investigation of Death, Death by Asphyxia, Medico-legal Aspects of Injuries, Investigation of Wounds, Medico-legal Aspects of Sex Crimes, Medico-legal Aspects of Abortion, Forensic Pathology, Forensic Entomology, Radiation Poisoning, Medico-legal Sections in IPC, Cr PC, AND IE A, Part II: Toxicology: Introduction to Toxicology, General Approach to a Victim of Poison, Clinical Toxicology Laboratory, Practical Aspects of Analytical Toxicology, Toxicants of Public Health Hazard, Medical Toxicants, Environmental Toxicants, Abuse of Drugs, Natural Toxicants, Annexure I: Preparations of Reagents, Annexure II: Apparatuses, Annexure III: Glossary of Terms Used, Annexure IV: Abbreviations Used, Bibliography

Notes on Minor Surgery
By Dr. Debasish Kundu Ph.D. Guided & Edited by Dr. A.K. Banerjee M.B.B.S., M.D. (U.S.A.)
US $ 21.50 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Part-I: Preface, Acharya Sushruta, Basic Surgical Procedures, Surgery of Some Common Conditions,
Part II: Sterilisation, Suture Materials, Nomenclature of Operations, Planning for Operation, Anaesthesia,Operative Surgery, Postoperative Complications, Abscess Drainage, Venesection (Cut Down), Skin Grafting, Circumcision, Vasectomy, Hyderocele, Inguinal Hernia, Strangulated Inguinal Hernia, Femoral Hernia, Umbilical Hernia, Appendicetomy, Abdominal Incisions, Peptic Ulcer, Vagotomy, Gastrojejumnostomy, Partial Gastrectomy, Closure of Perforated Peptic Ulcer, Right Hemicolectomy, Colostomy, Cholecystectomy, Choledocholithotomy (Supraduodenal), Spleenectomy, Lumbar Sympathectomy, Haemorrhoidectomy, Suprapubic Cystostomy, Prostatectomy, Exposure of Kidney , Exposure of the Ureter and Ureterolithotomy, Mastectomy, Thyroidectomy, Tracheostomy, Empyema Thoracis, Amputations, Bibliography

Principles and Practice of Naturopathy
By Dr. Debasish Kundu Editor Dr. Malik A. K. Awan Ph.D. (London) Associate Editor Prof. Sayed Farzin Hassanzadeh Salehian Ph.D.(Iran)
US $ 30 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Foreword, Preface to the First Edition, Preface to the Third Edition, Naturopathy: Its Principles & Pioneers, Physiology, Food and Nutrition, Hygiene and Sanitation, Biology, Herbology,
Medicinal Plants, Magnet Therapy, Yoga and Meditation, Massage Therapy, Medical Gymnastics, Chemistry, Bacteriology, Toxicology, Pathology, Osteology, Neurology, Ethics, Hydro Therapy and Helio Therapy, Colour Therapy, Fasting and Diet, Mud Therapy and Fango Therapy, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Iridology, Vitamins and Balanced Diets, Bibliography

Diseases of Women (Adopted from Margaret Seifert’s Krankheiten Der Franen)
By Dr. Shefalika Kundu, Edited By Dr. Debasish Kundu & Dr. Sudeshna Kundu
US $ 19.00 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

The book is intended as a handbook on diseases of women with their Electrohomeopathic treatment. Besides an update on the literature on Contraception using Spagyrics , entirely new topics Anatomy of Uterus and Stages of development in Pregnancy are added.
CONTENTS: Preface to the Second Edition, Foreword to the First Edition, Preface, Introduction,
Anatomy and Physiology of Sexual Organs of Women, General View of Treatment, Diseases and Their Treatment, Hygienic Care of the Body and Toilet, Anatomy of Uterus in Pregnancy, Notes on Various Diseases, Family Planning, Contraception in Electrohomoeopathy,Diet, Index of Diseases Discussed, Bibliography

Lectures on Materia Medica & Therapeutics
By Dr. H. D. Banerjee, Foreworded By M V Mattei, Thoroughly Revised & Edited By Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu
US $ 18 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Preface to the Third Edition, Preface to the Second Edition, Foreword to the First Edition, Introduction, On Electro-Homoeopathic Principles, On Principles of Orthodox School,
On Homeopathic Principles , On Objections to Electro-Homoeopathy, Chemical Analysis of the Remedies, Dynamisation of the Remedies, On Minute Doses, On Frequency of the Doses, Purgatives in Electro-Homoeopathy, On Prescription Writing, Materia Medica & Therapeutics, On Therapeutics of the Remedies

Principles & Art of Cure in Electrohomeopathy
By Prof. Dr.Debasish Kundu Ph.D.
US $ 18 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS: Introduction to Electrohomeopathy, Philosophy, The Discoverer, Principles of Nature,
Introduction to Electrohomeopathy Medicines, The Iris science, Sources and preparation of Electrohomeopathy Medicines, Cohobation, Spagyric Tinctures, Classification of Electrohomeopathy Medicines, Classification, Preparation and Therapeutics uses of Electrohomeopathy Medicines, Potentisation of Electrohomeopathy Medicines and Electric fluids, Preparation and Therapeutic uses of Ointments and Lotions, Points for application Electric Fluids, Ointments and Lotions, Plain talks on using the medicines, Potentisation and Bio-Magnetism, The Similia of Electrohomeopathy, The Scientific basis of Electrohomeopathy System of Medicine, World’s present day need of Electrohomeopathy, Clinical Index.

A Clinical Treatise On Cancer
By Prof. Dr.Debasish Kundu Ph.D. Foreworded By Dr. B.B. Upreti, Ph. D. General Secretary, All Nepal Electro-Homeo Medical Association, Hetauda, Nepal
US $ 18 Paperback, Publishers: Originals, Delhi

CONTENTS : Introduction, The Increase of Cancer and it’s Causes, The Treatment of Cancer , Diet for Patients, Hygienic Care of the Patients

Pharmacodynamics in Spagyric Medicine(Plant Alchemy)
By Dr.Debasish Kundu & Dr.Sudeshna Kundu, Edited by Gisela Bruckel(Germany), El Akrem Hayouni (Tunisia) , Forwarded by Dr.Peter Morrell(UK) , Prof.Luigi Vernacchia & Dr.Fabio Ambrosi (Italy )
Printed on Art Paper, USD ($) 70.00, Hardbound, Publishers: LBO Publishing, 700 N Valley St., Suite B PMB 11884 Anaheim, CA 92801, info@Lbopub.com

It is the only trusted book to learn Sacred Alchemical Philosophy with Practical Laboratory Spagyrics, it covers from history & principles of Alchemy to the rarest topic Botanical Consciousness in Spagyrics, besides, Alchemy and the Zodiac Connection and how Spagyric Medicines work. In addition, detailed Pharmaceutical Process which are being carried out in most modern laboratories : from Apparatus, Vehicles, Sources of Medicines, Preparation of Spagyric Essences, quality control like Phytochemical Analysis, etc. , all major Spagyric Methods known to mankind, incl., Mattei, Zimpel, Junius, Solaris, Krauss,etc., besides the sacred Indian, Arabian and Chinese methods, Doctrine of Dosage, and much more. An Encyclopedia of Spagyrics or Plant Alchemy in one nutshell.
This work is edited by Gisela Bruckel, who is a Pharmacist and her Pharmacy in Wirzburg was the Main Dealer of Mattei Remedies in Europe till M V Mattei era, and Prof. El Akrem Hayouni, World famous authority on Plant Alchemy.
CONTENTS: Foreword, Preface, Part 1: Introduction to Spagyric Medicine, History of Alchemy, Principles of Spagyrics, The Simila of Alchemy, Difference Between Homoeopathy and Spagyric Homoeopathy, Botanical Consciousness in Spagyrics, Micronutrients and Spagyrics, Alchemy and the Zodiac Connection, How Spagyric Medicines Work, Alchemy and Spagyrics, Spagyrics : The Future in Medicine, Part 2: Pharmacy in Plant Alchemy, Pharmaceutical Process, Laboratory Apparatus, Vehicles Used in Plant Alchemy, Sources of Medicines, Preparation of Spagyric Essence, Spagyric Essence by Cohobation Method, Phytochemical Analysis of Plants, Different Spagyric Methods, Quality Control Procedures, Safety Measures in Laboratory, Doctrine of Dosage, Medicinal Plants, Terminology, Appendix, Bibliography

Mysticism, Romance & Secrets of Count Cesare Mattei
(With Properly Transcripted Secret Formulas)
By Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu , Ph.D. (U.S.A.)
Printed on Art Paper, USD ($) 40.00 Hard Bound, Publishers: LBO Publishing, 700 N Valley St., Suite B PMB 11884 Anaheim, CA 92801, info@Lbopub.com

It is the Bible of Mattei Electrohomoeopathy : covering the true life of Cesare Mattei and properly transcripted Empirical Formulas & Secret Pharmacy of Electrohomoeopathy, incl. Medicinal Plants Used by Cesare Mattei.
Contributors-Prof. Raffaele Pezzani, University of Padova, Italy, Dr. Fabio R. Ambrosi, University of Sapienza, Rome, Italy, Prof. El Akrem Hayouni, University of Manouba, Tunisia, Allesandro Rapparini, Vice Pres., Archivio Museo Cesare Mattei, Bologna, Italy, Prof. Peter Morrell, Formerly Honorary Research Associate, History of Medicine, Staffordshire University, U.K., Dr. Terry Mitchell, Alchemist & Director, Phylak GmbH, U.K., Willow Morningsky, Spagyrist & Psychologist, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon, U.S.A. etc.

CONTENTS: Introduction, Dedication, Note to the Readers, Acknowledgements, Alchemist’s Prayer, Preface, The Castle of Love, One: The Mystery Unveiled, Emerald Tablet of Cesare Mattei, Mysticism & Romance of Cesare Mattei, Electro Homoeopathy Pharmacology, Medicinal Plants Used by Cesare Mattei, Glossary of Pharmacological Terms, Bibliography

Natural Medicines
(An Encyclopaedia of Complementary Healing Arts & Sciences)
Euro 90, Deluxe Size Glossy paper, Hard Bound , Publishers: Kruger Brentt Publishers
UK Ltd, 68 St Margarets Road,Edgware,Middlesex,United Kingdom,HA8 9UU,
By Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu with Dr.Malik A.K.Awan President, American Nutritional Medical Association,CA,U.S.A. Foreworded by Dr Rui Oliviera, Portugal,

CONTENTS: Foreword, Preface to the Second Edition, Preface to the Third Edition,Introduction , Acupressure , Acupuncture, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy,Astromedicine,Ayurveda , Bach Flower Medicine, Biochemic Medicine,Biofeedback ,Chakra Healing ,Chiropracty and Osteopathy, Dowsing,Electrohomoepathy,Feng Shui, Gem and Crystal Therapy,Herbology or Unani,Holistic Medicine,Homeopathy,Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy,Inner Healing, Iridology,Meditation, Magnetotherapy,Massage Therapy, Medical Gymnastics, Music Therapy,Pranic Healing, Pyramid Healing, Qigong , Reiki, Rudraksh Therapy,Shiastsu,Siddha Medicine,Spiritual Health, Tantra Healing,Vastu,Yoga and Naturopathy, Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Herbs and Shrubs, Glossary of English Terms, Glossary of Sanskrit Terms, Bibliography

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