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Board of Examinations

Our Universe exhibits a wide range of heterogeneity and complexity from one region to another because of its geographic diversities, variation in physical environment, ethnic pluralities and socio-economic disparities as well as escalating demographic pressures. These factors also have their reflections in the functioning of the Education system with respect to quality.
One of the major components of our education system is examination. The education process in any discipline of learning ends with examinations. The entire effort put in by the teachers on teaching and the student on learning is centred on getting good results in the examinations. Thus examinations have been overriding the process of education and are a matter of concern for stakeholders. Several committees and commissions were constituted from time to time to suggest reform in education in general and examinations in particular.
Several institutions have introduced innovative practices to improve the quality and efficiency in the various processes of their examination systems especially in the conduct, administration and evaluation. National Assessment and Accreditation Council in its endeavour to bring in quality in the higher education institution, wanted to propagate these innovative practices that are successfully undertaken by the different institutions to other institutions also.
The best practice adopted by one institution need not be a best practice for another institution. However, the idea can be taken up by other institutions, modified according to their need and assimilated into their system, for betterment. For this purpose, IAMC wanted to collect the institutional best practices and to customize it into a format for delivering it for larger awareness.
The entire system is student friendly and student-centred. Examination reforms implemented by IAMC are successful because of the system with continuous internal assessment and question papers that include both subjective and objective elements. The examination system tests the competency of the students.

Dr.Abdul Jalil Baig Chairman Board of Examination
Dr.Muzamil Masood Muez Director Examinations & CME